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Nashville Business Litigation Attorney

Tennessee Business Disputes and Litigation: Protect Your Investments

At the outset, a business deal can seem like a profitable investment or opportunity for growth. Whether entering a contract, hiring a vendor, or purchasing real estate, you want to protect your investments and interests. Unfortunately, a business dispute arising out of a contract or other business arrangement can be costly and result in significant financial losses. If you are facing a business dispute, it is important to work with an experienced firm that is capable of protecting your rights.

Sobel, Poss & Moore is a Nashville, Tennessee, law firm with extensive litigation experience. We will take the time to understand the facts of your case, identify your objectives and develop a cohesive strategy to pursue the best possible outcome in your case. While we are skilled negotiators, we are also prepared to take any case to trial on your behalf. Our legal team will fight hard to protect your personal rights and your long-term business interests.

Our Nashville business litigation lawyers are experienced with cases involving:

  • Business and contract disputes
  • Real estate purchase and sale
  • Construction disputes
  • Business to business contracts
  • Employment disputes
  • Sexual harassment and discrimination defense

Prepared to Handle a Wide Range of Business Disputes

Our firm handles business disputes ranging from contracts through real estate litigation as well as employment discrimination and other employee disputes. We understand that every business is unique and has different goals. We also know that any legal dispute can have a detrimental impact on your company's financial security and reputation. We will handle your case professionally and with discretion to minimize the cost and impact of any dispute. Our attorneys will always remain available to answer your questions and address any other complications that may arise.

Call now at 615-649-5428 for a free consultation or contact us by e-mail to speak directly with our Tennessee business formation attorneys.

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